5 Steps to Creating a customer database

January 5, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business,Marketing

5 Steps to Creating a customer database

Every business should maintain a database of clients well updated to incorporate all customer details. These details are very important because they are the foundation on which the company can contact customers for new product arrivals, signs of end of season sales, resolution recommendations. In other words, a good record of customer acts as an intermediary between the company and customers. Building a strong customer database record requires the following steps.


Having proper software and know the contents of your customer database

This is the first and most important step you must take into account when configuring and creating database of clients. You must be organized when it comes to its database and no better way than to take the help of a good software to make the data easily available. You must have access to each data at any time. That is the success of a good database. Also, when choosing software, you should know what exactly you want your database has. The common details found in most client records are the customer’s name, address (home and office), telephone number, date of birth, email, etc. If you do not have any special software you can create excel customer database.

Know the uses of the customer database

The management software database could be handled in a very efficient way if you know the exact places where the database will be used. Some companies use to generate specific reports to understand market trends, published some companies, others maintain high confidentiality, etc. Once applications are known, it is easy to classify the information in fields and result in different folders.

Effective organization and authorization customer database

Your database could be very effective once the fields are set correctly. Please be careful that you do not follow any template luxury that is difficult to maintain and organize. Should follow a simple, easy to maintain template that can record all the details correctly. Each template field should have the relevant authorizations, to be useful in recovering data.

Plan your reports and create credentials

Different users may be forced to pull different reports; why your customer database should help so that they could pull the usual reports, generic in addition to any custom report is needed. Create credentials is very important for data security. This will only encourage eligible employees to access the database, maintaining the confidentiality of the data.


Review before launching

Before releasing its database of customers, it makes sense to try it first internally, make sure it is working well and know the nuances of troubleshooting if it does not work. This step can save you a considerable embarrassment, as you could play an unfortunate image among customers if your database fails miserably. Testing is a very important step that should not be missed.

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