6 key steps for successful participation in Social Networks

January 5, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Marketing,Social media

6 key steps for successful participation in Social Networks

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With the rise of social networks and their incalculable potential for new relationships and customers for products and services online entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed versus the number of different places and spaces on the web. But it is very important to –>>build strong reputation online<<--

6 Key planning your participation in social media steps to reach success:

1. Understanding and evaluating your position

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The first step is to review and document in detail what we have open networking profiles. Make a detailed list of all services including your username and password for each of them.

Tip: be sure to unify criteria and try taking all: the same user, the same photo and all your basic data. This online profile allows people to relate to you in different networks easily identify you.

2. Select social networks and platforms realistically

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While the number of online spaces is innumerable, which will thoroughly evaluate report higher profits will be the best. Time is limited and ensuring that we are participating in those that are appropriate and we add value is key.

Tip: While you must select which sites will participate platforms carefully, a good idea to be open anyway profiles on the major networks with your regular user, to ensure that no one else will use that user in it.

3. Organize and systematize!

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The variety of spaces requires some organization that allows you to maintain good control of them. Create a spreadsheet with all your usernames, passwords and email with which you have subscribed. Moreover, systematizes your participation in that you have identified as fundamental and develop a concrete plan of action for each.

Tip: blocks of time in your schedule to participate in these networks. Whether you assign 30 minutes per day or 1 hour a week, mark your calendar and systematize this procedure.

4. Automate activities

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There are several tools that provide some automation for some updates on your network in a simple way. This is the case of tools like –>>BuzzBundle<<--, for example. Identify which parts of your participation can be automated will save time and boost your efforts.

Tip: If you do not know these tools or do not have enough time to implement these automations, hires a competent person to do it for you!

5. Keep your updated profiles

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The profiles of the different networks that are abandoned and outdated information or data cause a very bad impression. Be sure to periodically review your data in each of the networks so that their contents are fresh and actively pursued.

Tip: Mark your calendar for this activity that can take only 1 hour every 3 months.

6. Participate actively

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Understand that the key is to participate frequently to become successful. Expand your contacts and incorporates routine part to truly be able to capitalize on these networks and social media.

Social networks based on relationships so that while it can automate certain parts of the basic objective to keep in mind is to develop genuine relationships that are then translated into subscribers to your newsletter, customers for your services and / or products and growth opportunities both in business and personally and professionally.

Tip: develop a plan for your participation in social networks that includes not only the objectives but also specific and measurable goals that allow you to evaluate your performance in them.