7 Keys to Customer Loyalty

March 11, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business,Marketing

Get a sale today is not easy, but also get the customer to trust us again to buy back is a triumph. The customer loyalty is basically to maintain long-term relationships. These customers are the ones who represent the largest share of sales in your business, and continually buying and insurance in the future will continue to buy and choosing you in front of your competitors.

 Customer Loyalty handshake

Customer Loyalty handshake

Keep in mind a series of questions to help you keep your customers always return to you, your services and products; they have prepared a list of the 7

Keys for Customer Loyalty:

  1. The customer service.

    We can say that this is the main pillar of loyalty. Customers are the most valuable asset a company well, so you have to listen to everything they say about the company and improve all aspects we can to improve care and maintain a direct dialogue with them. Today, it is very important for businesses to be connected in social media and actively participate in the conversation to keep customers on line.

  2. John listens.

    Unable to empathize without active listening. This means that the client should be the center of everything and everyone. It is not easy, but this management practice is a big factor if we practice loyalty consistency between what we hear, say and what we do and in turn enable us to identify different types of customers

  3. Facilitate and encourage repeat purchases.

    Companies must ensure that a customer who has bought them once, do it again. To do this, they can use different marketing strategies as point systems, discount coupons for future purchases, bonuses for inviting your friends our shop, etc. These actions will help to increase customer interest in buying back our products.

  4. CRM or relationship marketing.

    What it is to know the customer thoroughly and know what needs before he knows it, that is, to anticipate our customers. Both in terms of business strategy and marketing tool, CRM is critical in the process of loyalty, since the concept of the client speaks in all its dimensions. If we can “penetrate” our client will be much simpler them loyal.

  5. Multichannel communication and attention.

    Currently, the channels through which a customer can contact us are many and varied, ranging from online to offline through what is not online. We must know the ways in which our client prefer to reach us and provide arrival are. It is essential that all channels that we make available to the public work perfectly if we want to have the opposite effect, i.e., if we put a channel available to users, for example Facebook, but then we manage it properly, you can significantly harm the company.

  6. “Surprise element” It’s good to develop a campaign that captures the attention of your customer.

    Since the experiences mark, record the message in the minds of the public. Must affect launch brief and clear, first message customers but also consumers. This impacts on the public and knocks on the door of new customers.

  7. Complaints and claims management.

    It is very common for customers to interact or “suffer” somehow our product or service familiar with any shortcomings it may have, so the complaints and claims submitted by us are a good guide to improve and show you really care about.