Five Ways Google AdWords Could Become Useless to Marketers

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5 Reasons why you should not advertise using Google Adwords



As much as we love AdWords, it may not work for everyone. There are cases when we shouldn’t incorporate it in our marketing campaign.

1. People barely search for our products online: Search engine is based on users’ intentions and it means that people are looking for something specific in them. They use search engines differently with how they use news websites and social media services, like Twitter and Facebook. It is possible that we are selling a new gadget that people don’t search for on Google. If we have something new, it is probably a good idea to start making a buzz on relevant forums and social media groups/pages. With Google AdWords, we would only waste our money selling something that people don’t know. We could choose Google’s advertising service later when we are sure that people have started looking for our products.

2. Our financial situation isn’t as strong as our competitors: The position of our ads is determined by the results of auctions between advertisers. It means if we only bid $1 and dozens others bid between $2 and $5, it is unlikely that we will get many clicks on Google. This is particularly true if competitors are selling the exact same things that we do. They could simply outbid us for any search. This would mean that we won’t get any click on keywords that our competitors want. This usually means that Adwords is neither profitable nor scalable for us.
3. Marketers know very little about search engine marketing: Search engine marketing is very easy to understand, but not many marketers know how to be successful with it. It will likely cost them money if they launch the AdWords campaign only after they read a thick book on this subject. Running a profitable AdWords campaign involves many nuances. We need to have years of expertise or we are guaranteed to lose much money.

4. We don’t have an effective conversion funnel: Having a great product, but with inadequate website, it is like spending millions of dollars on impressive Super Bowl ads but still keep our stores locked tightly. AdWords should be combined with an amazing conversion funnel, which could convince people that they should purchase our products or services. We should be able to give consumers the confidence that we are the right seller for their requirements.

5. We can’t give good offers: We could be selling a product for $9.99 with $5 shipping, while competitors are selling the same thing for $7.99 with free shipping. If we fail to provide compelling offers, it is probably a good idea to not having a presence in Google AdWords. It is incredibly easy for competitors to click the next advertisement and do comparison shopping. For people with an amazing brand, we may not be able to get away with more competitive offers. Even with good offers, it is already a challenge to achieve satisfactory sales, because we still need to convince people.

In general, advertising on Google’s system is considered a staple in most online marketing campaigns. Odds are high that our competitors already have strong presence in AdWords. It is a good idea to check the level of competition in AdWords and consider whether it is a good idea to choose other alternatives. Insisting on competing in Google AdWords could only make us lose money. We should determine how competitive we are, compared to our rivals. We should make sure that we have the right offer, the right website, the right marketing chops and eventually, the right margins. If we can fulfil these requirements, we will very likely get great results on AdWords.

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