Geo targeting website traffic

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geo targeting country
Geo target specific country looks not so easy, is not it? I believe after you read this article will be much better results, to get what you are up to. We plan to create a website or we do have a website but want to optimize it for visitors and search engines? Targeting your audience and reaching it is very important for you to get exact visitor or customer. How to tell search engines what I want? How to make SEO? How to get website traffic from specific country to my website? Ok lets get to the point.

Geo targeting website traffic

  • Buy domain with exact TLD for example if you are targeting United Kingdom use;; and etc for full list try search in Wikipedia phrase dot and country code as .uk, .us, .au and etc. Also read my article How to get best domain name
  • You can place meta geo tag in head section of your website. The code should look like this.
    example United Kingdom

    geo meta tag snippet

    geo meta tag snippet

    Use meta geo tag generator at

  • Every time search engine spiders visit your website, they can read this tag, where you state geo targeting country of your choice.

  • content language
  • Server location.Choose local server provider service, in this case search engine will rank you better for that specific target country in search results.
  • WHOIS records- your adress appear there as a signal.
  • Rich snippets- may also include location for your provided product or service.
  • Images on the website- some images may have data about location coordinates.
  • visitors coming from country (may see on Google webmaster tools, bing webmaster tools)- if all visitors coming from specific country, your website will rank better for that particular one.
  • Optimize your content for geo targeting country.Use keywords research tool with proper country setup.
    Let’s say you trade furniture, so do not just write “we sell wooden wardrobe” maybe people from your country looking for phrase “cheap wooden wardrobe for sale”
    Write content and mention country name.
  • On the contact us page- state where you are located in (not just telephone number or email).
  • If you are building backlinks, never leave it in non relative country. I mean if you are targeting United Kingdom country, do not leave backlinks in Japanese website (even if it has high page rank and authority)
  • Go to Google webmaster toolsPress on your verified websitePress on the button on the top right cornerFrom extracted menu choose site settings

    Select your country

geo targeting website traffic
Press here to see bigger image

Using webmaster tools you can show search engine specific URL leading to specific geo targeting

  • Go to Bing webmaster toolsClick on your websiteOn the left menu press configure my websiteChoose “application of Geographic”

    Select “domain”+”country/region” of your choise and click submit

How to get website traffic from specific country?

  • Use Google places to show up on the map
  • Use local web directory submission specific for that country
  • Advertise on local newspaper (online or not)
  • Country news portal
  • Radio ads
  • Tv ads
  • Classified ads
  • Participate in forums relative to your target country
  • Social network targeted campaign
  • Google Adwords targeted campaign
  • Ask local bloggers to write or review your website
  • Seek popularity from popular groups in social networks directly relative to your country