How to add listing to spiderlinkdirectory

January 5, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising

In order to get all benefits I recommend, to register, for free account (free membership). It cost you just one minute. Make sure to enter valid email, in case you loose password.

How to add listing to spiderlinkdirectory step by step

  • Title- title is very important- this is text which search engine read.
  • Description- this is your main description (most important). I suggest, write SEO article here, about 200- 300 words should be enough. In this text use your main keyword about 1-2% density, to get more juice. Anyway if you do not have SEO article just fill in content which best represent your business or website.
  • Keywords- If you have written SEO article- enter your main keywords. I recommend from two to five keywords. Words separated by comma.
  • Category- Choose category and sub-category, which best fits to your business or website.
  • Listing details- add your details here. We do not allow affiliate links and exact url’s/ pages,- only domain ( We do not allow spammy/warez/illegal content and etc links
  • Listing location- add your location, if you want to appear on the map
  • Press: save listing.
  • Finally your listing is online or will be after review (all reviews made by human, so do not cheat, othervise your account and listing will be deleted).
  • In the future our team plan to improve website functionality and quality, stay in touch