How to get best domain name

January 5, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business,Marketing,Seo,Website traffic

What is a domain – domain name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.

What is the reliansionship between business | website name and domain name

If you want to open the firm to start own business or run a website- start from the domain search. In this way, your business name will be the same as the domain name. And this is important. You do not want the domain name to be completely different because:

  • The domain name will be visible to your customers and business partners, and conducted a web browser
    will be on every business card
  • be said aloud , i.e., Imagine like you’re at a party and one of clients or partners might ask : what kind of website can I book your services or goods?
  • Ideally, if the domain is a short, well- remembered just read or hear it’s name. Looking from the perspective of SEO- good if the domain has a keyword.

    So how we are looking for a domain name?

    domain name

    Go to any domain registrar, such as and we run instant domain name search (as I mentioned a keyword would be best idea), we can see free offers. For example if you sell furniture we search for “furniture”. If you are not satisfied with the results presented, it is possible add popular fillers such as: top, best, first, and so on. Well be that the additional term is directly related to the activity: wicker furniture, oak furniture, plastic furniture, etc.

    When choosing a domain name it is important to choose the right limb- extension by region, which includes wanted area.
    If sales or provision of services in the

    • United Kingdom choose
    • France .fr
    • if the whole of Europe .eu
    • In this case you will be easily found in local search results, it is easier to get ranking/position in accordance with the targeted search.
      Of course you can choose and .com (commercial) TLD (top level domain)
      .biz (business) or other.
      If the volume of the world – it is good to buy several top level domains -in order not to loose traffic. Your competitors can buy very similar domain and link it to own website.

      However there are always several ways to find appealing domain name:

      • because over the years, the business opens, collapses domain remains.
      • Some people buy domain names only for business purpose- to resell it much more expensive and to get profit.
      • It can also happen that the person looking after the site, forgot to pay for domain renewals
      • Domain banned search engine

      Below list of sites where you can look for expired domains

      What is the benefits of buying expired domain name with history

      There are several reasons why you want to:

      • The domain with history can be ranked well high on search engine – it is a Google page rank, domain authority, Alexa Rank…
      • Because the domain has already been used, it can attract visitors by itself – this is a good thing. Users come through backlinks saved bookmarks on web browser, search engine index surviving records.
      • You can also find the exact name of what you want (maybe)

      Do not be fooled when buying a expired domains.

      Expired domain can be beneficial, but can also be useless:
      If the former owner used illegal methods of promotion, it may be kicked/ ranked down from the index, or with the fake page rank.
      When buying a used domain note: if it has backlinks, if it has authority and rank, traffic. These data are often placed next to a used domain. You can also check domain info, how the site looked like before the expiry of the validity of domain –way back machine | internet archive.