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If you have high mast lighting you know that they take time to fix or replace he fixture. That’s a lot of work to get the fixture down from one hundred foot or so. Then to take the fixture apart to fix the light or even to replace he high mast light can be a bit of a struggle. When you get the fixture down, see what the problem is and find out that the part you needed is not on your truck or it is out of stock and could take weeks to get in. So you host the fixture back up and it is not fixed. The maintains cost and the energy cost of the high mast lighting system can be very high. You can save time and energy cost, with our four hundred watt LED High Mast Light fixture. If you ever have to repair your LED High Mast Light fixture it is one driver and one LED model fit your entire LED high Mast Light fixture. As long as they are the SE400 watt light fixture and have the same voltage input. Change the drive, housing and the LED’s, saving on maintains cost and energy cost.

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