Monetizing Your Articles: Advertising With Banner Ads

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Articles that are posted on your website are valuable assets that can be utilized to generate revenue for you. To do this however, one must promote their site effectively to maximize exposure while at the same time, attracting new customers. Banner advertising is one of the many ways you can choose to promote your website as it will put your website’s name where many people can see it provided you utilize it correctly.

How Can Banner Ads Help You?

Advertising With Banner Ads

Advertising With Banner Ads scheme

Visitors that are on one website may see a banner advertising your website and as a result, may navigate onto your website. The cost of putting your banner up on a site that is experiencing high traffic may be a little discouraging, but the revenue gain you see from the resulting traffic may surpass the banner cost tremendously so in the long run it may be cheaper and much quicker to use banner ads. Using the regular SEO tactics to rank at the top of searches generated from search engines could require a lot of time and a lot more patience. The option to pay for banner ads will always exist but there are also free banner exchanges also which will be discussed below.

How to create Banner ads

Creating banner ads is time consuming, you must have some knowledge about design, be famillar with software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Paint shop pro and similar,- and that’s ok if you can do it yourself. But if not? There is solution for this problem.

Free Banner Exchanges

A free banner exchange consists of having your banner placed on another website but in turn, you have to place their banner on your website. While this method is free, there are some potential problems that could disrupt the success of your website. If you want to use this method to put your banner up on several different sites, this means that you will have several exchanged banners littering your website. This could pose a problem especially if you run an affiliate program because rather than clicking on the affiliate links posted on your website, the traffic coming in may be lured into clicking on the banner ads on your site instead. Secondly, if you are not sure of the website you are exchanging links with then that website may turn out to be what is commonly referred to as a “banner farm,” which is a website that exchanges links simply to host multiple different banners on their site to act as a directory. These banner farms do not even need to have any real content on their site which does nothing good for you and your site while at the same time, bringing in more and more traffic to the banner farm.

Paid Banner Ads

Paid banner ads obviously mean that they are going to cost money, but typically these ads will pay for themselves quickly provided that you choose the correct ones. Before purchasing a paid banner ad, make sure the site that you are trying to put the banner on has the amount of traffic that it says it does otherwise you will just have a high-priced banner in a low-traffic area which yields nothing good for you. After you have that straightened out, make sure your ad is presented in a way that is inviting to potential traffic while at the same time is not too pushy with the message as most of the people surfing the internet are discouraged from clicking ads if the message being sent is too strong. Another thing to consider is how many other ads are going to be present on the same page as yours. You do not want to have other similar ads competing with yours for traffic as this may not work to your favor.

How to pick up good site for advertising?

If you use one of the advertising platforms- that’s all right, but what if you choose to advertise on custom found website suitable for you?

  • Website should be relative in your niche: for example if you trade car parts- could be blog/website about car news, cars DIY, car projects, racing teams and etc.
  • Check if website has good reviews and not blacklisted in search engine index.
  • Contact/Ask website owner to provide analytics data- you do want to get high quality traffic.
  • Ask about price- compare if advertising price and offer you have, will convert to profit.

By the way some of the websites may insert your banner ad as “do follow”- like to say banner is an image/ animated image with a link under it- so it could be good from SEO perspective- to get backlink from high authority website.