Monetizing Your Articles: Article Directories

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Article directories serve as a form of promotion, allowing writers to post their articles in the directory to get their name out there. A person could be searching the directories seeking content, they come across your article and they see your name posted under the article so they contact you because they like your writing and maybe, will offer more work. A lot of writers and publishers benefit from the directories as they typically result in more work.

Monetizing Your Articles: Article Directories- How it works?

An article directory puts your articles to work for you, making you some potentially good money. You can advertise a service or product intricately placed within the text of the article, which could even incorporate a link to your website. People, who are searching for articles related to what your article entails will see your article and if they like it, will contact you via your name at the bottom of the article or, they will go to your website because they are interested in your product or service. So when you write an article, try to make yourself look like an expert in whatever niche or topic you are writing on, if someone sees you as an expert then they will most likely go to your article first. If you do not have the ability to write an article, you could always hire a freelance writer. Freelance writers have their own prices that they charge for articles, usually dependent on the word count but the articles will pay for themselves after you put them to work selling your product or service or from affiliate program sales.



Let’s say you are a Forex Trading Broker and you have just started a small trading business and you want to get more customers interested in that business. You write an article on Forex trading and post it to multiple different article directories. People who looking for a broker to help them trade on the Forex market will see that article and see that you are a professional in that area and will most likely come to you for business. Incorporate a link to your website in there and you should see a noticeably larger increase in traffic to that website otherwise people will just contact you via email. Even if your article only brings in one new customer, that is one more than you had and you are still making a profit.

Since this article has been posted on several different free article directories, there may be affiliate programs who offer a service or product related to your article. These affiliate programs will take the article and post it on their website but they can only do that if they attach your by line to it so this will mean that your name is getting even more exposure. You were getting good results out of just having your article in an article directory, think of if five or six different websites post that article (with your name) on their websites, this is going to increase those previous results tremendously. The traffic that comes to those affiliate program’s websites may end up on your website due to that one article.

There are quite a few article directories available on the Internet, to maximize exposure; you should post your articles on every one that you can find. The more exposure you get, the more traffic you get which means potential customers that may utilize your product or service, bringing in even more profit. The article you or someone else writes should make the product or service you offer look good and be persuasive that way potential customers will choose your business over someone else’s.

One more thing to take attention. Looking from SEO perspective- Google and other search engines do not like duplicate content. And these days quality article directories try to check before: is your article unique. If you do not have time for writing different long articles you can:

  • Hire someone to write different long articles for you
  • Rewrite one article by yourself using different words (synonyms)
  • Use tools specially created for marketers.

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