Monetizing Your Articles: Become an Affiliate

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Monetizing Your Articles: Become an Affiliate- How it works?

There are hudge amount of companies online that exist and offer wonderful affiliate programs, these programs offer a wonderful opportunity to churn easy revenue from the comfort of your own home. If you have the ability to write articles or even the ability to market and publicize other people’s written articles, then an affiliate program may be an easy way to bring in some extra income for you. You earn this revenue from sales that the company makes due to the people clicking on their links that are intricately placed within your web pages.



A convincing sales pitch and relevant content on your website will help maximize the income you make from affiliate programs. The reason being, you will be promoting and/or selling that affiliate program’s product or service, and you need to have relevant content and a hook to lure potential customers in. This could also prove useful to you as that potential customer may come back to your website for more products or services because of how helpful your links were earlier. Typically, when a company makes a sale from one of the customers you bring in, you just get the revenue from that one sale and not from any other transactions relating to that customer, so promoting multiple different affiliate programs would be the best way to go as these customers may still return to your page to click on the links.

Which articles should I use?

There is free or paid articles and content available that you can place on your website if you cannot write this content on your own. Free content can work sometimes but paid content is a much better option, this is because free content limits you to articles already written which offers you no room to customize them to your specific wants and needs. Paying for an article to be written offers you customization, meaning you can tell the people coming into your site exactly what you are selling and incorporate a persuading sales pitch that will draw the customers into wanting to buy that product or service. Paying for the article also means that once you have paid the person for writing it, you own the copyrights to that article meaning your name is at the bottom of that article and nobody can use it without your permission, whereas with a free article, you must give credit to the original author which could lead the traffic to another website rather that utilize yours.

The key to success

success key

success key

The key to being successful with affiliate programs, is promoting a product that a large amount of people can use. Another key thing to think about, you want a product that has a relatively good commission for each sale. If you have a large number of people who are interested in a product that you are selling, combined with a good commission rate per sale, then you will be sitting on a pretty healthy income. Now all you have to do is get traffic coming into your website so that they see your links and will possibly even click on them. The more clicks you get, the more money you make so good luck.

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