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What is SEO article

– unique text, specific theme, with highlighted keyword, not long, read able.

  • Unique text- not copied and never published online
  • Specific- It mean SEO article compliance with certain standards
  • Theme- subjects selected for the site’s content
  • Highlighted keyword- main purpose of SEO article is to highlight specific keyword for search engine
  • Read able- It mean written by human, not spin’ed with software
  • Not long- text consist of 300- 500 words or more
  • Target- more for people, but not the search engine robots.

SEO article is equal to SEO text, it must be proper formatted, useful and interesting for readers. If the visitor comes to your site using exact key phrase in search field organicly and bounce straight away back- search engine will lower your rankings in SERP- it mean like bad user experience.

seo article words cloud

It is very important text is not copied from any other sources (website), otherwise after search engine index Google straight away will see it is a certain page copy and there will be no benefits.
Interesting and valuable
If the content is interesting and valuable other website owners start linking to your SEO article without request. Of course such text will be shared on forums, social networks and other sources (automatically, because of article value), it has very significant implications for SEO optimizing. It is better to spend more time and make one very valuable article comparing to simple 10 texts.

Using keywords right way

  • Keywords on page title
  • Keywords on paragraph title
  • Keywords in text
  • URL- like
  • Keyword for images and alternative text (alt tag)
  • Keyword for anchor- can be used to link inner pages and off page backlinks
  • Keyword for meta description

SEO article content

Minimum my recommended text length about 300 words
Only once to use h1 tag with main keyword
Only once to use h2 tag (maximum two or three if the text is really long) using main keyword, there may also be added a word that describes the contents of paragraph.
One or more images with appropriate title and Alt tag
Keyword in text at least three times, highlighted using bold, italic or underline.
Keyword density- it is all text words and specific keyword ratio in percents. SEO experts says it should be from 1% to 3%. Nobody can exactly tell what density it should be on SEO article. It is important not to overload the text keyword, if a keyword is inappropriate in some places, it is better not to use, the text should be easily read and understood.