SEO from the point of view of the Marketing

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SEO from the point of view of the Marketing

If you are thinking to start with your website is probably already aware of the different strategies you can adopt to drive traffic to your website. Also, you have already heard or read about is the SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , however you may still have some doubts that’s the first thing you must do to attract visitors from natural, organic way, or unpaid. In this article I will give you an idea of what you should know and do to delineate your SEO strategy.

The first thing to know is that SEO is Marketing and as such should be included in your marketing plan. The second thing you must understand is that Marketing Online and offline marketing are not as different from each other, the main difference are the channels using a business to reach consumers.

Considers the Marketing has a unique purpose and this is to make your product sell itself. Of course, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to perform a lot of actions before your product or service becomes a necessity for consumers, however this should not be so complicated if your strategy is well aligned.

What is marketing strategy

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How does my marketing plan to outline my SEO strategy? In many posts of SEO is usually explained to be the SEO benefits, the same good practices and useful tips to do so. From my point of view this is not very useful for those who do not know much about it, since SEO is a process that cannot be learned superficially. In other words, it would be like giving advice to perform open heart surgery.

So I will begin by explaining the elements of a marketing strategy, which is composed of parts that will help you, understand the profile of consumers, as well as important factors in your market. Among these factors the size of the industry, its trends, your competitors and the financial goals you want to achieve with your strategy include. All this we can know through an analysis SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities Forces), with which you get essential information for your business, you can use them in your SEO strategy.

Obviously you also need to hear and determine other factors such as the goals you want to achieve and how you will get that. You must also make a sales forecast in which you’ll include your expectations for growth, that these must be supported by a coherent strategy.

Once you have determined these factors you should allocate a budget for such activities, establishing where you get the resources to finance investment and the return thereof.

How do you help your marketing plan to outline your SEO strategy?

1. Consumers, your audience

Based on the above items get the public to determine which channels you want to get and that you intend to use. Furthermore, within your marketing plan you will get information about your product, which solves specific problems to consumers.

With this information you will achieve generate ideas of terms or keywords that consumers use to find your product in the search engines. Similarly, you must include in your website terms or keywords that consumers seek your product or service.

In terms of search engine optimization is very important to use those keywords within the titles and descriptions of the different pages of your website. These two elements must have certain characteristics, for example, the title should not contain more than 55 characters (counting spaces), because otherwise your title is cut off, running the risk of not sending a clear message to users.

Likewise your description should not go beyond 133 characters, otherwise be endangered clarity. Considers that the description and title of a web page that convinces users to enter your site, hence the importance of using your marketing skills to generate clear and reliable texts.

2. Your place or point of sale

Another element that should care is the design of your website. In terms of marketing a website has become the place or the place in which your product will sell. With this in mind, the aim of your website is the same as an offline store, or a bookstore. What we want to offer a pleasant experience to the consumer. Indeed in this respect there is an important difference between the online world and the offline world.

In the offline world, it may be that the consumer purchases a product or service even though the point of sale is not the most attractive or pleasant, and these aspects can be offset by customer and sales personnel, in addition, if a customer wants to switch stores in the offline world, it is not entirely easy. To do so would move and keep looking until you find what you want. However, in the online world there are no such barriers, neither can explain to the user all the benefits of your product in person, much less can hold it in your website simply is two clicks to go to another store and buy it you are looking for the conditions that best suit your needs.

3. Promotion

In the offline world the most successful businesses are those which are widely recommended by consumers, which can also be translated to the online world. The way that search engines qualify this measure is largely through the links pointing to your website. That is, if your site is selling items for pets and is recommended by a veterinarian prestigious, search engines will qualify your site as relevant. On the other hand, when the recommendation comes from an agent not related to your business sector, say a property, relevance is obviously not the same.

With the example above try to explain that links to your site should come from credible, reliable and relevant to your business sector sources. Seen from the point of view of the Marketing SEO works the same way as advertising. If you advertise in little channels relevant to your audience, you will not get the expected success.

4. Objectives and measurement

Finally we have to fix the way we measure our goals. That is, the main goal of SEO is to attract traffic via organic or unpaid, what you want to achieve is that for every term that consumers seek, your site appears in the top results.

In this aspect, you must keep in mind that your competitors are also betting on a SEO strategy, so to define your objectives should know that there are key words with more competition than others. Some of the most competitive keywords are those related to the insurance industry, banking, buying and selling cars and real estate, casinos, online gaming and more. Hence the importance of having a good strategy to tell you that you provide in that time and in that channel.

What is goal setting for seo

Obviously, to achieve your goals you must pay an employee or an agency. It is therefore very important that you know you want to achieve, for example, some SEO goals could be:

– Reaching the first page of results 3 medium competition keywords in 6 months.

– Reaching the first page of results 3 keywords to a year.

– Reaching in 3 months the first page of results with 3 keywords low competitive level.

– Increase organic traffic by 15% at 6 months.

– Get an x number of links to my site with certain quality.

– Get a return on your investment given

To set your goals you must base it on an analysis by an expert, because you must not only consider the technical aspects of SEO, you should also consider your competitors and most importantly, the consumer response.

I would like to close this article with the following reflection. SEO and Online Marketing are gaining popularity and its benefits for most businesses are yet to be discovered, yet it is a fact that in a world full of online marketing strategies, including SEO, the winners will be, as always, those businesses that offer the best product / service in the right channels, at the right price and with the best shopping experience for the consumer.