Types of marketing strategies

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What is marketing strategy

Marketing strategies are processes that are made to take advantage over your competitors, this is done using different resources and maximize your market. We also describe a process of communication with our clients in which we make them knowledgeable about the different advantages that our products and services.

And we can say that a marketing strategy is a way to inform your customers about your offers or simply to emphasize the quality of product and / or service you offer in order to increase your sales, and your purpose must be generate sales for your business.

marketing strategy

marketing strategy

Types of marketing strategies

Companies use different general marketing strategies, but these strategies have to be applied correctly to know them and know what will give us a better result for our different types of products and / or services. Having said that the most used strategies are:

  • Affinity Marketing.
  • Marketing Alliances.
  • Marketing ambush.
  • Marketing for action.

Affinity Marketing

This type of strategy is known as a partnership strategy. This strategy is divided into 2 parts: the first part is the company that handles the claim that demands your market, and the second part is another company that is responsible for giving customer service in other words to establish a positive relationship with customers.

This type of strategy is used by multinational companies, these make partnerships with local companies as both parties are extremely important for their sales and service is maintained, since the investments that are made are too great to allow your customers do not This satisfied with their products and services.

The reasons for these local companies are necessary:

For the knowledge they have on your market, know your market and know it is more important to them, another reason is that they know what kind of products and services are needed for this type of market, finally local companies do not have sufficient capital investment, then these companies accept the help of multinational companies.

Marketing Alliances

This type of strategy is done by 2 or more companies form an alliance together to capture and share the market and promote their products and services. These companies make these alliances generally by lack of capital to finance themselves. Of course the advantage of using this alliance is that accounts not only companies with more capital to be known but also have the experience of other companies which gives them a very favorable advantage to its competitors, and thus manage to have much more traffic for your business.

Marketing Alliance handshake

Marketing Alliance handshake

Ambush marketing

This type of strategy is used to capitalize and maintain contact with certain types of events that do not require any investment. Furthermore, this is subdivided into two groups:

The market for direct marketing ambush and indirect ambush.

In ambush marketing direct advertisers or companies directly involved in different types of events in order to promote their business by communicating directly with a certain group of people who are interested in certain activities. Doing business cards with which advertisers offer them directly visit their business use. These cards contain your email address and that of your business, phone numbers and website addresses of your own business.

Indirect ambush marketing is nothing in place banners or other visual material around the place where the event is being performed.

Marketing for action

Taking action is very important part in the inbound marketing is widely used on the internet in the form of banners, graphic content, videos and other. This type of marketing is divided into different types that are likely to be widely used to promote business worldwide.

a) Marketing Close Reach: It is also known as marketing strategy approach. This type of strategy uses the help of Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi to promote their products and services on a local network.

b) Marketing Cloud type: This type of marketing strategy is based entirely with the internet where active internet resources are transferred from one individual to another, so that those who are interested in the content you can improve, modify, and share.

c) Marketing Community: The purpose of this marketing strategy is to increase the trust and loyalty of existing customers and thus makes them to help them promote their products and services to the public. The biggest advantage of this strategy is greater customer satisfaction. This marketing strategy has a rule, customers who are satisfied tell 10 other people about your great service and / or good product but customers who are dissatisfied will tell 100 people about their experience. So companies use this strategy to send specific offers to their previous clients to create greater loyalty to your company.

d) Marketing Content: In this strategy we use the internet and a little creativity to create informative content about our products and services and publish it sticks platforms and places to promote our business. These types of files contain backdoor links which direct these visitors to the page of our business.

e) Transfer Media Marketing: This strategy uses different channels and platforms for our products and services. These platforms may vary emails, newsletters or other websites like Facebook and twitter.

f) Database Marketing: This strategy uses information from various databases of customers and / or consumers to create an effective means of communication through which we give to our customers know about our products and / or services.

g) Direct Marketing: This type of strategy can be done in many different ways which include: emails, text messages, advertising leaflets, flyers, which can effectively summarize the message that we share with our customers is a strategy very effective that helps us increase our customers.

h) Marketing Diversity: In this strategy, you must perform a market analysis to get a clear and precise idea of the needs and products that your market wants or needs. Once your analysis is complete a marketing plan that is able to meet, perform and complete the needs of your customers is created. This strategy is very effective and generally has excellent results and fail to understand the needs of your market.

i) Marketing Evangelist: This type of strategy is very similar to the recommendations from one person to another. This strategy is to look your market customers who voluntarily seek to promote your products to others showing the different features of your product or service to you new customers.

j) Marketing Added Bonus: this type of marketing is to give or send a sample of your product at little or no cost. The basic purpose of this strategy is to increase sales of a particular product which can result in a higher profit for the company compared to a standard marketing strategy is used. Buy one, get one free is an example of this type of marketing.

k) Marketing Free Sample: compared with the extra gift, this type of marketing gives product samples at no cost to the public. The purpose of doing this is to provide a new type of product to market.

l) Digital Marketing: This strategy is based entirely on electronic products such as smart phones, computers, tablets or other electronic type in which information is provided to your customers about a specific product to customers. Clear the indispensable tool for this type of marketing is the internet. It is the most widely used type of marketing today and usually this type of marketing is very successful. Examples of this strategy are sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube thus electronic social marketing has achieved throughout the digital world.

It is noteworthy that each passing day new strategies and ways to increase publicity and increase your market arise. Competition can be very difficult, educate your customers about their rights and are more familiar with different alternatives. So what will give you success as a marketing specialist in the type of strategy you use, remember that you always have to be something different about you that other companies or individuals, which is what will give you the edge over your competitors and you closer more customers.