UK business directory

A business directory also known as a business listing as you know it, simply refers to a list of businesses according to a certain category for example, according to the type of business, location of the business or size of the business in terms of whether it is a small business or large enterprise. Business directories including a UK business directory may either be in soft copy (a website or webpage) or in hard copy (printed listings). You can either create a business listing automatically using software designed to automatically search for businesses online according to a certain category or manually whereby you create a listing straight from scratch. However, due to convenience and ease of use, you are definitely better off listing your business digitally than in hard copy.

There are many business directories in the UK and each directory varies depending on the type of business. A UK business directory just like any other business listing often includes a business name, location, products or services offered, address, phone numbers, professional associations if any as well as the number of employees of the business. Business directories including a UK business directory may also vary in terms of quality and quantity because some business owners just look to get value for their money while others are focused more on quality of service of business listings.

With the fact that there are so many business listings out there, some of which are good and some of which are bad such as scams whereby businesses in the UK receive threatening calls from scam artists claiming to have a County Court Judgement against your business because you have not paid to be in any of their so called “directories.” These scam artists often sound genuine and therefore, no matter how genuine the phone call sounds you should never agree to pay anything over the phone.
Majorly for this reason I took the time to compile the top 10 UK business directories.

1. Google Places- This is a very popular UK business directory because it is not only free to register with but is also very beneficial because people searching for businesses in the UK for example using Google Maps, places in Google’s directory will drive a large amount of traffic to your business. This a very popular UK business directory and is used by almost everyone in the UK. With being a popular brand, the little you pay to get your business listed is worth it in the end because it drives massive traffic to your business.

3.Free Index- Over the years this website with a monthly premium fee of 7.97 pounds has gained a lot of popularity as a UK business directory and is well-trusted by many business owners in the UK. Free Index allows you to customer reviews of your business and thus ranks your business in terms of quality of its service. You can easily and conveniently customize your business listing how you want to. The monthly subscription fee is worth every penny because good customer reviews on your listing significantly increases web traffic to your business and in turn leads to a significant growth in your business earnings.

4.Thompson Local- This is a UK business directory that is popular for the advertising as well as the diversity it does all over the UK. It has similarities to Yell and also offers quality paid advertising which leads to a significant increase in the web traffic to your business.

5.Business Magnet- This also one of the most popular business directories in the UK with great diversity and plenty of positive reviews by business owners registered with it.
Other UK business directories that are among the top 10 are Lacartes, Business Line Directory, Touch Local, Scoot and Small Business Directory.

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