What is online reputation and why is it important for your brand?

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What is online reputation and why is it important for your brand?

Nowadays thanks to the social media networks and opinions are not controlled or issued from a centralized medium (e.g. Television Channel, Radio Station or Newspaper Printed) to the general public, it is the general public who all opinions through social networks and the media capture later. In this globalization world where all opinions and information are published on the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to control what is said for or against a brand, product or service.

Now this situation by increasing the social networks can be seen as a threat or an opportunity for improvement from the point of view of the marks.

Positive and negative online reputation

Clearly you may think it is a threat that a consumer can very quickly destroy the reputation of an establishment which has become very dissatisfied when published through social networks your negative opinion, and sometimes destructive on said service.

On the other hand, can be seen as an opportunity the fact the views of consumers of our brand, products or services without having to make costly or complex surveys from a logistical point of view.

Thanks to the internet it is now possible to know the opinion that consumers have about brands using various marketing techniques for the measurement of what is known as the “Online Reputation”.

Online Reputation is a reflection of the prestige or esteem that has achieved brand (products, services or persons) in the market.

How to improve online reputation

Traditionally, making heavy use of advertising techniques can influence the target audience for a positive opinion or attitude in favor of a particular brand is generated, however, the “reputation” is not controlled through such advertising techniques but which is freely transmitted by the consuming public own a trademark, that currently makes use of social networks to spread globally its agreement or disagreement about it.

What was originally called ” word of mouth “has become today posting comments giving opinions in online forums, blogs, social networks, videos, audio podcast and everything we can imagine that is transmitted over the Internet.

How people checking online reputation

Part of the buying culture today checks online forums, blogs and social networks to check the reputation of a brand, product or service prior to buying it. That is, the opinions posted by others we generate a value judgement that influences our purchasing decision.

It is for this reason that companies should take care of their brands, products and services by analyzing your Online Reputation.

Among the factors to be measured to know about Online Reputation are: search and content analysis published in Blogs and Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (texts, images, videos, audio’s); strength of social media mentions, positive versus negative ratio and neutral feelings, level of passion for the brand followers, scope of brand influence, repeatability of the entries of the brand, variety of fonts, words or “hashtags “more related users more broadcasters, public bookmarks, among others.

Now it is not only necessary to search and analyze online brand reputation but understand that companies should be more proactive in their positioning on the Internet. While it is true that the general public or consumers freely publish content daily, it is also possible that companies pro actively publish their own content to allow high impact help create the proper value judgement for current and potential customers. This must also be supported by the indicators obtained from the reports Online Rep so that strategies can be aligned.

Before Web 2.0 (which implies today the interaction of all over the Internet), the marks available to a department customer (usually contacted by phone) through which the incidents occurred with the products being managed or services, however, due to current levels of interaction becomes a key strategy the fact of having a customer service department directly “listening” and interacting through social networks with current and potential users.

Respond to customers promptly in the virtual world and following a pre-established and integrated policy to the entire team of the company is simply imperative today.

How social media management affect your online reputation

In social networks, companies must merge their teams Customer Service and Marketing, making an excellent Managing Social Media ( Social Media Management ), achieving branding and penetration of new markets through interaction with users the virtual world, addressing their concerns and channelling opportunities, generating greater confidence.

Generally people do not buy what we sell so we say that our products and services are not for what they really are, people buy what we sell so that “perceives” that are such products and services. This perception is often affected by the references to third parties and not necessarily the experiences of buyers. That is why we must influence this perception is correct so that the reputation of the brand is always positive.

Finally, the most important thing is to work pro actively on the total satisfaction of our users and customers in general, while reviewing and analyzing what is said on the Internet as the Online Reputation is becoming a focal point of business.